Sunday, July 25, 2010

OK lahoma

On the way to Oklahoma while driving through TX I saw a pack of camels haha better yet, a field full of camels!!! Coolest thing ever!

So many abandoned buildings/houses
Oklahoma countryside.

I finally reached Oklahoma in time to go to the rodeo with Sherri where she was one of the time keepers and her roomie and friends were riding in it! It was a ranch rodeo where everything they do is what they actually do on the ranch. Yeah, there are still real cowboys (that kinda blew my mind!)
Rodeo OK
Rodeo OK
Rodeo OK
They even had events for kids, here the kids were put on sheep and had to try to stay on the longest.
Rodeo OK
It was something else, but it was a lot of fun!
Wind Turbines OK
There were tons of wind turbines around the countryside as well. For being such a huge oil area I thought that was kinda surprising.
But the scenery was absolutely beautiful!
Oklahoma sunset
On the day before I left we went to Sherri's boss's house for a cookout where I got to try calf fries for the first time. What are calf fries you ask, well, they're also known as rocky mountain oysters. Yep. haha But deep fried and covered in breading and not thinking about what they are, they're pretty good. They taste like dark meat chicken just a little more squishy.
I also went to the national route 66 museum in Elk City. It was really interesting to see how we've changed in the way we travel, but we ended up killing our mother road (rt 66).
Oklahoma is such a nice place, everyone knows everyone, everyone looks out for everyone!
On the way out I stopped in Amarillo, TX at the Cadillac Ranch.
Cadillac Ranch TX
And left my mark. :)
It's really a neat thing to see, a row of Cadillacs planted in the dirt and painted by everyone who visits.
From there I headed to New Mexico!

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  1. I never got a chance to try rocky mtn oysters! The Rte 66 museum in Kingman, AZ is pretty cool. I was fascinated.